15 years at agiles: The MOMMs

15 years at agiles: Hooray for the MOMMs!

The MOMMs. Yes, you heard right: MOMMs. That sounds a bit like moms, you might wonder. Actually, the MOMMs really are like parental figures for our team. They have been working at agiles for 15 years now. As “old hands”, they support us with their knowledge and life experience. MOMMs stands for Manfred, Oliver, Martin and Michael.


Manfred 15 years ago
15 years at agiles: Manfred today


Oliver 15 years ago
15 years at agiles: Oliver today


Michael 15 years ago
15 years at agiles: Michael today

Four times 15 years at agiles. That’s a great reason to celebrate! We asked Manfred, Oliver, Martin and Michael a few questions on the occasion of their anniversary.

How did you get to agiles?

Oliver: The four of us got to know each other in the 80s in another ERP software company. Since then, we have always moved on together (only twice, to be precise, then via an intermediate station to agiles).

Manfred: A team lead who had switched to agiles motivated us to come to agiles with him. The goal was to develop a new industry solution at agiles.

15 years at agiles. That’s a long time. What was different back then?

Michael: Back then, everything was easier 😉 The complexity of the working environment has increased considerably. Televisions used to be smaller. 15 years ago, my youngest came home from school everyday. Today, I have four grandchildren 😊.

Manfred: The statement that everything was easier back then is only partially true. You grow with your tasks and improve yourself. However, today’s system topologies and requirements are indeed much more complex than 15 years ago. Innovation is becoming faster every year.

What motivates you to work at agiles?

Michael: The team.

Manfred: The colleagues and the craft beer nights 😉.

Oliver: Interesting projects and customers.

What do you whish for the future?

Michael: I hope that we continue to have a clear strategy for our software development and a good division of tasks. I like to work in this interesting field with a constructive team. If we should continue to grow, a bigger office would make sense.

What would you like to have back from the last 15 years?

Michael: I would like to welcome some companions, colleagues who have decided to take a different path back in the team.

What would you say to your younger self?

Manfred: There’ll be ups and downs but you’ll make it. That’s how it actually was.

Dear MOMMs, congratulations on your work anniversary and on 15 years at agiles!  Thank you for being part of our team!