Qualitätsmanagemet agiles

agilesFood: new function for quality management in the fruit and vegetable trade

In the course of digitization, professional quality management and transparent analysis data are gaining in importance. On the one hand, technical developments shape the requirements for transparency along the supply chain. On the other hand, new systems offer a great opportunity to significantly increase the overview and the comparability in the value chain.

It is precisely for this task that the new and user-friendly quality management function of the agilesFood software has been developed. Extensive product data – for example, maturity level, shape, color, temperature or freshness – can be systematically recorded and analyzed.

Product analyzes at a glance at any time

The focus of the new quality management function is on the required characteristics that are to be analyzed for each product. agilesFood allows users to easily view data from analytics created for a batch, article or supplier at any time.

How it works: Any analysis criteria can be defined for all or individual articles and article groups – for example, grapes or bananas can be analyzed individually. The data is automatically transferred to subsequent processes and can be accessed from anywhere with a mouse click. Partial results of the analyzes are prominently displayed in every relevant context.

Essential information can be captured at a glance. In addition to customizable features, filters can easily be used, for example, for specific periods or suppliers. Another advantage is the ability to create templates that increase the level of automation and also save time.

Change in the fruit and vegetable trade

In many companies, so far product information is recorded in different programs or Excel files and not linked together. The comparability of products or suppliers is severely limited. Often, linking data even requires the use of additional resources, costing time and money.

The new function of agilesFood enables companies in the fresh trade to make the transition to modern quality management. Data is always up-to-date, reliable and transparent and thus becomes an indispensable basis for decision-making.

Users keep track of and control over their quality management by analyzing items, batches or suppliers. At the same time, they can meet the increased requirements for transparent data and adapt to the challenges of digitization.

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