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Fresh Food Importers

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Do you have a handle on your supply chain management processes?

Importing perishable goods, such as fruits and vegetables, from overseas requires maintaining an efficient supply chain and dealing with complex challenges in the food industry.

The agilesFood industry specific ERP software tackles these challenges with:

  • Easy-to-use traceability and regularity compliance
  • Supplier relations (e.g. sales statement, account sales & advanced payment)
  • Stock / inventory controls (date, quality & quantity)
  • Fast and secure purchase & sales
  • Highly integrated packing process

Pallets Instead of Shiploads:

Learn how Dole Europe maintains flexibility
and security in their fresh food business

Your Benefits with agilesFood

Purchasing and importing food from overseas means pre-payment or goods on consignment with appropriate batch account sale. Without ever inspecting the goods yourself, purchases on a contract or commission-based are made weeks in advance and shipped by the vendor via trade ports like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hamburg, with quality inspections done on site. agilesFood has your needs covered with:

Second by second overview of each Lot to oversee quantity turnover and costs

An overview page to inspect entire supply chain e.g. goods in transit or in the warehouse

Optimization of route efficiency, delivery costs and payments

Transparent overview of activities (incl. cost, waste, price) for annual meeting with farmers

An integrated tool for secondary inventory audits

Invoice / recall and return management

Second by second overview of each Lot to oversee quantity turnover and costs

Connection to Business Intelligence (BI) tools

  • Manage all orders by crops, time or customer

  • Organize all cultivation segments from fresh fruit to organic food

  • Fine-tune collaboration of departments, transportation and decrease costs

  • Maintain a stable and traceable supply chain

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