agilesWorkflow 5.14 is here!

We are pleased to announce the new agilesWorkflow Release 5.14 with new functionality and features.

The Top 5 Highlights:

1. Visualization– A new way of presentation

With the help of the new visualization function, your workflows are now presented more clearly and you can record your tasks at a glance.

Here’s an example of what your workflow might look like:

Click on image for full size

2. Workflow Archive – This brand new functionality gives you a quick overview of your workflow history

You now have the opportunity to view your task history in a separate workflow archive, making them easier than ever to understand.

3. The Setup Wizard – Speed up your work processes

The Workflow Setup Wizard gives you quick and easy access to your general workflow settings. In short, the Setup Wizard will make it easier and faster to get started with your process automation. We take care of the basics, so you can focus on your workflow and process mapping.

4. Status Level – Quickly and easily retrieve the current status of your tasks

This feature allows you to hide the status level image and, instead, use color coded text descriptions depending on the status level. This improves the loading speed and performance of your web client.

5. The Setup Parameter – Now available for the exit point codeunit

You’re now able to call different functions within a codeunit by specifying a function name. Exit point codeunits enable you to execute custom business logic at the end of a specified workflow.


Would you like to know more about the new features of agilesWorkflow? Just ask me!

 Alma Harrison

 International Partner Manager

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