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Business Informatics – No previous knowledge needed

Business informatics agiles HSBA

An article written by Justus Ahnfeldt, a dual student
of the Hamburg School of Business Administration
in the study program Business Informatics.

Working or studying?

When I graduated from high school in 2018, I had to deal with the question of how I wanted to further my education. I know or already knew at that time that I am a practice-oriented person, but I also wanted to do an economic bachelor in order to have better chances later in my professional life. This quickly made it clear to me that I wanted to do a dual course of study.

And why the HSBA?

Only the questions “What?”, “Where?” and “When?” remained. At the suggestion of a friend, I looked at the HSBA website to find a suitable study program. When I visited the website, the question “Where?” was answered quickly. At the HSBA, which makes a very well-organized impression and offers a lot of options to do sports – and is located in the middle of Hamburg. What more do you want?

Programming? – You can’t do that yet, can you?

I came across the “Business Informatics” program, which I liked above all because of the good prospects for the future and I asked myself whether it would suit me. But programming? So far I didn’t have any knowledge of it. I contacted the HSBA directly to find out whether I was suitable at all.

Soon I learnt that many students start a business informatics study program without any previous knowledge. I was still not sure, but I began to apply for this course of studies with practice partners, with the idea of completing a subject-related internship before.

And why did you choose agiles?

I saw the entry for agiles on the HSBA website and decided to send an application. In the following interview, the managing director, the instructor and I agreed on an internship.

During 6-weeks of practice, I did not only learn a lot about the programming world, but also got to know many nice employees and the advantages of a medium-sized company. Furthermore, I noticed how varied the work there is and that I really like programming. In my last week, agiles offered me a contract and I didn’t hesitate to sign it.

My first practical phase …

I am currently in my first phase of practice. The other two dual students and I were welcomed very friendly and all of us were directly involved. In four months, my first study phase will begin and I hope that it will be just as positive as my practical phase. I am happy that I decided to join both HSBA and agiles at that time.