“Women should have confidence in their interests”




Wencke Zimmermann is a long-time employee at agiles in the area of ​​software development and support. As part of our women@agiles series, she explains why working in the IT industry was just the right career choice for her.

How did you get to your job in IT?

In the early nineties, my dad gave me first insights into this field. It all started with the first PC’s at home, floppy disks, VGA cards, DOS and the very first Windows operating system. At that time the handling of PC’s was even more complex than it is today. Every driver, every memory chip, every hardware or software component had to be installed and configured manually. It used to be totally normal that something didn’t work in the first try.

It was interesting for me to find out why things didn’t work and to analyze and understand the connection between all parts. I was sure: I have to work in IT. However, IT is so wide-ranging that it wasn’t easy to decide for one specific part. So I applied for many different areas: From management assistant in IT systems, to system integration and to application development.

I received a job offer as “Application Development IT Specialist” even though I didn’t have any programming experience. My training company did not judge this as disadvantage but rather as opportunity for me to learn everything from the very beginning. So I decided to accept the offer and application development became pretty quickly my new passion.

What are your main tasks at agiles?

My daily work at agiles is all about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. My tasks range from editing customer-specific requirements, consulting in the area of process optimization, conception of programming for colleagues, programming on my own, cost estimates, review of source codes and data and error analyzes. I am always working with the drive to optimize the software and processes of our customers a bit every day.

What do you like most about your job?

Although not necessarily expected in IT, one of the most important points still is the contact with other people – whether customers or colleagues. Even in IT nothing works without a well-structured team. The permanent exchange of knowledge and information is essential, especially when it comes to complex topics and requirements.

It should also be mentioned, however, that especially in the field of programming a sense of achievement can be recorded relatively quickly. There are always clear requirements and goals that we want to achieve. To experience how programming and thus process optimization takes shape for the customer, and how it is actually used, can make you proud.

Would you recommend other women to choose a profession in IT?

I cannot really express this recommendation to other women because I never felt it was “special” to work as a woman in IT. I trusted in my career choice what interests and drives me. Namely the field of logic and analysis.

After all, for me and my colleagues, as in any other profession, my own motivation and what I do counts and not whether I exercise my job as a man or a woman. During the last 15 years of working in this field, I have never felt that I, as a woman, have a special status or even a minority status.

Therefore, I can only recommend other women to “break the mental barrier”. It is no longer a male domain. Here, also “only” people work 😉