Einkaufskalkulation erstellen

How to improve your procurement calculations

Every retail company regularly finds itself in a situation where it acts with foresight when calculating sales prices. This is only possible if all costs incurred in connection with product procurement are taken into account.

Do you still use an Excel template for this, which you have to manually fill with information for each calculation? Perhaps you still use a calculator or estimate prices?

A trading company gains a high degree of security only through constant control and through measures that enable the company to include acquisition costs such as freight, customs duties, etc. in the calculation and to calculate the planned purchase price. A detailed insight into the costs and price variances is essential.

This is provided by IT solutions that make it possible for you to create a purchase calculation with the data centrally available in one place. With our industry solution agilesTrade and the calculation module, you can calculate the actual purchase prices taking into account, for example, conditions, freight or packaging costs.

agilesTrade also offers the creation of a post calculation to calculate the actual cost price. The actual cost price and the margin are calculated on the basis of the costs incurred in order to have the certainty that the transaction was worthwhile after the successful sale of the goods.

The following costs, among others, can be represented in the cost estimate:

  • storage location costs
  • seasonal costs
  • freight charges
  • customs costs
  • transportation costs
  • drop shipment costs
  • handling charges
  • administrative expenses
  • and other freely definable cost types

Cost types can also be defined with agilesTrade in such a way that provisions are created in the system. agilesTrade also logs the calculation changes that have occurred between the preliminary calculation and the successful sale of the goods. Also manually caused changes are logged.

Working more efficiently with calculation templates

Many companies do not have only one calculation schema. They need a calculation for drop shipments, the Asian import business or, for example, the container business. With the agilesTrade calculation tool you can create the necessary price calculation for each business with a few clicks without having to intervene manually every time. When using this function, the corresponding calculations are automatically performed by the system and can then be extended by additional manual entries.

Whether you want to get a better overview or do calculations faster: agilesTrade offers you far-reaching possibilities to get more out of your calculations.

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