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Mobile office: communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams

In these challenging times, mobile office is more relevant than ever. How can you and your colleagues communicate smoothly and organize your collaboration efficiently if you are no longer sitting next to each other in the office but working from home or somewhere else?

What does Microsoft Teams offer?

Microsoft has developed a practical tool for intern collaboration and communication. You can use Microsoft Teams from anywhere and on all devices including your laptop or mobile phone. The only thing you need is a functioning Internet connection. With the app you can:

  • send instant messages, both in group chats and in private
  • hold audio, video and web conferences with up to 10,000 participants with just one click
  • share your screen during meetings
  • record meetings and later share the recordings
  • open, share and simultaneously edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
  • integrate all Microsoft apps and standard Microsoft programs you use
  • develop automated workflows and your own apps using App Studio

Microsoft Teams enables efficient collaboration through smooth intern communication. No matter whether your colleagues are sitting next to you or working from the mobile office.

By organizing the exchange of information in a clear and transparent way, decisions can be made faster. This saves time and resources.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams

How does Microsoft Teams work?

The Microsoft Teams app is divided into different tabs. These include:

  • Activity: get an overview of your unread messages, mentions or missed calls.
  • Chat: quickly and conveniently communicate with each other via instant messages and view the presence status of the other users.
  • Teams: hold meetings in the groups you have created, send instant messages, organize tasks, upload and edit files and create notebooks.
  • Meetings: organize all your upcoming appointments for the day or the week. The calendar synchs with your Outlook calendar.
  • Calls: call any of your contacts.
  • Files: access all the files that have been uploaded to Teams.

This short video summarizes the features and usage of Microsoft Teams for you:

We use Microsoft Teams as a virtual office for internal communication and collaboration. Currently, we also organize an online coffee break twice a day with Microsoft Teams. See here for more inspirtation. We can therefore recommend the app based on our own experience.

We would like to explicitly point out that the current situation should not be used to achieve sales targets. In times like these, we all need to stand together. Our partner Microsoft is therefore offering a six-month free trial to the practical tool. For further information please click here.

Do you have questions regarding Microsoft Teams? Contact us!