Part time studying with agiles and the HSBA

Timo Stoebke - dual student at agiles

An article written by Timo Stoebke, a dual student

of the Hamburg School of Business Administration
in the study course Business Informatics.

Why studying dual?

Like many of my friends I couldn´t set a career and future plan for years. When my graduation was just around the corner, I knew it´s time for me to make a decision. During this time I seriously started to find different future opportunities. In the end I decided for a dual course of study at the HSBA.


A dual course of study combines theory and practice. This concept offers the opportunity to use the acquired knowledge from university directly in the company. At the same time I can gain valuable experience in the company for the theory part in the university.

At first sight I was sure I would like to study „Business Administration“ but I changed my mind and finally decided to study „Business Informatics“. In addition to the great perspectives for the future, I also recognized that the study course „Business Informatics“ paired with an innovative IT company such as agiles might be the better option for me.

How did I come to agiles?

I already had some good job interviews but than I used the “Wirtschafts-Speed-Dating” organized by the HSBA to get to know a few smaller companies. After a great first meeting with the company representive Saskia Bardun, I than decided to apply for the dual study course at agiles as well. A few weeks later I got the chance to introduce myself to the managing directors in a personal interview in Hamburg. As a result of this successful job interview I decided to start my dual study course with agiles as my cooperation company.

My experiences at agiles so far

Meanwhile two months of my first practical part at agiles have passed and I have not regretted my decision! I started together with two other dual students and we already feel pretty integrated in the team. I enjoy the everyday office life and the tasks I´m currently working on.

To sum it up I would say that it is definitely possible to start a dual study course in an IT company without having previous IT knowledge. I´m looking forward to start the new year with my first theory part at the Hamburg School of Business Administartion.

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