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Why I chose to study Business Informatics with agiles


An article written by Philipp Schölermann, a dual student
of the Hamburg School of Business Administration
in the study course Business Informatics.

Developing a decision concerning my dual studies at agiles

During my last year of school, I seriously started to research about my future opportunities. For a certain amount of time I was convinced that I would do several internships in order to make my idea of my profession more concrete.

Nevertheless, I still collected information about potential courses of study. By the time I got interested in Business Informatics, Media Informatics and Architecture. In the end I did not absolve any internships but decided to study Business Informatics, which I preferred from the very beginning.

The origin of my interest in BI

Since my childhood I have been interested in technology and the almost unlimited possibilities it brings with it. Whether it’s movies, video games or the internet itself, I’ve always enjoyed spending time with digital content and digital devices. When I started elementary school, the first smartphones came onto the market. This means that I grew up with the fast-moving changes and progress in technology. Because of that it has always been quite easy for me to deal with computers, smartphones and other technical devices. In addition, I have always been able to quickly understand the logic and handling of the devices.

At a certain age, I realized that a technical device requires not only hardware but also specially developed software to work properly. That a software has to be programmed, tested and adapted became more and more clear to me. I did some research and found out software is programmed with codes and my interest in learning more about the details grew constantly.

My path to Business Informatics

It was obvious for me to consider studying Business Informatics at the HSBA because I wanted to understand the details of software development and I was also particularly enthusiastic about economic topics. I already realised my interest in business topics in school because subjects like politics and economics were always my favourites. Now I´m able to combine these two interests of mine within the course of study and that’s great.

In my opinion Business Informatics is one of the most future-proof courses of study, because in the age of digitization developers are highly demanded. For me the combination of business know-how and IT knowledge is the best basis for a successful professional future.

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