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Work more efficiently with Microsoft Teams

Already in 2017 Microsoft announced at Ignite, an annual conference for developers and IT professionals, the integration of Skype for Business Online into the new communications program Microsoft Teams. The service will be discontinued by July 31, 2021. However, this only affects Skype for Business Online and not the desktop version.

What exactly is Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Teams: Upgrade instead of replacement

According to Microsoft, Teams is not just a replacement for Skype for Business. Instead it should be understood as upgrade. Microsoft writes: “Teams is not just an upgrade from Skype for Business Online, it’s a powerful tool that opens the door to a whole new way to run businesses”. In addition to tools such as voice chat, video chat and text chat, the program also facilitates internal communication. Teams thus serves as an exchange platform for files, allows the full integration of all Microsoft Apps and communication is more transparent via the various “teams”.

Microsoft Teams

What’s the benefit for your company?

Microsoft Teams is compatible for all devices and thus creates a comprehensive user interface. The use of the program brings many advantages: Employees save up to 4 hours/week through improved collaboration and information exchange. Decision making is also made easier thanks to the availability of resources. This opens up new possibilities for more focused processes.

The tool is divided into different tabs. In the tab “Activity” you can see which tasks have been assigned to you and which tasks have generally been newly created. The chat is used for communication. It shows, among other things, the activity status of other users. Sent files are also stored in a separate tab.

In the tab “Teams”, you can see the individual teams to which you belong. Categorized in subitems you can see everything about the team. This includes, for example, a team chat for quick team-internal exchange as well as a to-do list with the tasks assigned to you, divided into the various task fields. Notes and files are additional categories that are available. Of course, there is also a call function with a contact book and favorites.

agiles MS Teams

Integration of apps that fit your business

With MS Teams it is possible to add over 200 add-ins to the application or even develop your own via App Studio. You can integrate standard Microsoft programs as well as applications such as YouTube or Wikipedia.

No more Skype?

This change has no effect on the server version of Skype for Business. Only the online version hosted by Microsoft will be discontinued with a migration time of two years.

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