Konditionsmanagement agiles

How to keep track of a variety of condition types

Whether discounts, bonuses or advertising subsidies – condition management plays a key role in consumer goods trade. Those who rely on several “data islands”, such as Excel spreadsheets or external systems, quickly lose track of things and increase the error rate. The solution to this problem is provided by ERP systems that make information that is important to you transparently available. An ERP system serves as management tool if:

  • you want to capture all your data in one system
  • you want to analyze data more precisely due to margin pressure
  • you want to increase your competitiveness

Users of agilesTrade benefit from an integrated condition management. The ERP system is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (in future Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) and puts an end to chaotic condition management. agilesTrade supports you:

  • when settling bonuses, advertising subsidies, sales premiums, etc. towards suppliers and customers
  • in the conditions-related planning and billing of advertising measures
  • in condition controlling with a focus on revenue and cash flow optimization

A user-friendly data foundation changes the prerequisites for your working day and important year-end renegotiations: Higher or additional discounts, logistics conditions, bonuses or advertising costs subsidies are easier to survey and can be controlled significantly better.

Do you want to find out if agilesTrade is the right solution for you? Contact us – we advise you personally and without obligation. You can also get a more comprehensive insight into the functionality of agilesTrade here. More information will also be available soon in our article on Long-Short Quantities.

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