Directions EMEA 2017

We had a great week in Madrid at Directions EMEA!

Of course, a huge thank you goes out to the Directions team who did their best to accommodate the ever-growing number of attendees. Coordinating, corralling and feeding 2,101 people is quite a feat!

To get the most out of this year’s event, over 15 employees joined us from all departments. With our team spread out to each of the sessions, we were able to really get a handle on what’s happening in the market and how we should tune our offering to fit the changing consumer needs.

There had been quite a lot of rumors surrounding Microsoft’s vision for our beloved NAV, and the air was thick with anticipation before the event kicked off. For an overview of the week, check out recaps by Dynamics Consultants and James Crowter on MSDynamicsWorld.

Our major takeaways are these:

  • ERP and CRM as we know them are dead
    • The new story line is focused on Dynamics 365 + Office 365 underlined by Azure.
    • These are the three pillars that Microsoft is focusing on, 90+% of which is focused on cloud.
  • There is still a large question mark around D365
    • The story we were given is that it’s a set of SaaS apps, containing sales, marketing, finance and operations, field services and manufacturing. The big question – is Finance and Operations NAV or is it AX?
  • NAV 2018 is planned and perhaps an R2 version will launch in Spring, but we will need to wait and see if it continues into NAV 2019
    • The good thing is that Tenerife used to be the cloud version of NAV, but now has the full functionality as on-premise – there’s no difference between them.
    • It’s also great that Tenerife covers everything (business API’s, etc) which will offer us an entirely new world. We can now speak with developers which we hadn’t had access to before and become a much more technical-focused company than we historically have been.
  • However, we’re not sure what Dynamics 365 has to offer without Tenerife. At the moment, the story isn’t coherent.

So what do all these unknowns mean for the future? We will continue to provide our high quality solutions, focus on the future of technology and keep our ears to the ground to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

Stay noisy partners!

Did you miss our sessions? Check them out below!

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See you all in The Hague for Directions EMEA 2018!

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