Microsoft Inspire

What Inspires You?

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It’s been a great week at Microsoft Inspire 2017!

This week we joined over 17,000 partner representatives from 140 countries for Microsoft Inspire, which marks this year the most attended year ever.

The conference itself has been, for lack of a better word, quite inspiring to a new attendee like myself. It’s really allowed me to take a step back from the day-to-day desk job and immerse myself into the world of Microsoft, learn best practices from the experts, and gain new insights and fresh ideas from the whole crowd. Now I can’t wait to get back into the office and put all of these new learnings into practice!

The first Keynote was led by Satya Nadella, who focused both on the usual “Mobile First, Cloud First” messaging, while also integrating “Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge” in an effort to push us as partners into the increasing digital transformation of our customers. Digital transformation offers enormous possibilities ($4.5 trillion US dollars worth to be exact).

The most exciting change for us is the One Commercial Partner  

This program means partner-first, not just partner led, and will be a major shift in the organization across Microsoft. It’s the heart of  their growth strategy, so we can be successful together. The plan to be much more partner focused through three primary areas:

  • Their team of partner development professionals will support and “build with” partners like us who want to build a practice, an IP or further capabilities.
  • Microsoft’s teams will also help us “go-to-market” with new solutions
  • And lastly, their Channel Managers will now take on a stronger role to “sell-with” partners of all sizes and across all industries

The whole idea is to get the right resources to us, so we can better transfer success and growth on to our own customers.

This week, we really got an updated insight into Microsoft’s shifting strategy – one of their biggest transformations yet – so we’ll have to wait and see first results in the coming year.

And Customer Stories were the heart of Inspire

One of these stories is from Easton LaChappelle who, in the 8th grade started tinkering with robotics and by the age of 21 had launched his own company in order to help change lives through developing affordable robotic limbs. Here’s his story:

Want a deeper insight into what went on at this year’s Inspire?

Check out the recaps by Microsoft for Day 1, and Day 2!

And with that, we’d like to know – what inspires you?