The dual study program – combine practice and theory


An article written by Luisa Geiger, a dual student

of the Hamburg School of Business Administration
in the study program Business Administration.

Graduation from school – I did it! But what am I going to do now?

There are so many questions about future plans and so many options but who knows what’s best for me? I still struggled with all these questions even one year after I graduated from school. The only thing I knew was that I would like to get to know the inside and all the processes of a company.

Before I cloud think about all these tricky questions too much, I decided to spend a year aboard. The gap year after school is probably the most popular decision if you are not too sure about your future plans. During my year abroad I wanted to be as far away from home as possible, further improve my language skills and (as a German girl) I finally wanted to have warm and good weather conditions. You won’t be surprised because with these requirements in my head I decided to travel to the Australian city Melbourne as an Au Pair girl.

Being so far away from my usual surroundings, my family and friends, is such a great experience and of course a huge adventure. But I still couldn’t stop thinking about my plans for the time after that. And so I started to research on the other side of the world.

Why did I choose the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)?

While my research started I still liked the idea of getting in touch with the practical work of a company. Due to this I quickly came up with the idea of a dual study system. The dual study system includes studying at a university and having a trainee program in a cooperation company at the same time.

I discovered the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), which is a private university that only offers dual degree programs with lots of different and interesting cooperation companies. I liked the idea of studying within this structure in the city centre of my hometown Hamburg, so I started to apply.

As soon as I arrived back home, I took part at the “Hamburger-Wirtschafts-Speed-Dating”. This is an event of the HSBA where you get the opportunity to meet potential cooperation companies face to face in a 10 minutes’ conversation. During this event I got to know agiles.

My way to agiles

After our first meeting at the HSBA event everything went pretty fast: agiles invited me for two job interviews where I got to know the managing directors. After these interviews I was even more interested in studying dual with agiles as my cooperation company. agiles offered me the dual study “Business Administration” for January 2019. And I decided to accept this offer.

My first day at university (HSBA)

Just a few days later my first day at university started. To be honest I did not feel prepared, was really nervous but also quite excited about what my first day would be like. Luckily all the other students and the professors are kind, friendly and open minded. Therefore, my nervousness was unfounded. Moreover, I enjoyed the teaching methods as well but I have to admit that the first semester was a bit difficult for me at some points. I have to further improve my study method to study in a more effective and successful way.

To sum it up, I enjoyed my first semester at the HSBA a lot: I learned a lot about how to study better and I met lovely people.

My first time at agiles

Right after I finished my first semester at university, I went straight into my first practical phase at agiles. Now I have been in the company for some weeks – I know that this is still quite a short timeframe – but I already learned a lot.

Currently I’m working in the agilesFood department, where I was already able to collect many new and interesting impressions about the daily business. From day to day I learn more about the company’s products and processes.

So at the moment, I’m quite happy about my decision to study through a dual system and I’m excited about all my upcoming challenges!