Getting started in professional life made easy – my first impressions

Jonas Nöhr

A text by Jonas Nöhr, dual student at the
Hamburg School of Business Administration
in Business Informatics.

“A levels in your pocket – and now?” That was the question that kept coming back to my mind while preparing for the exam in the final year. I couldn’t give an answer to that and after the a levels there was still a question mark behind it. And as long as I couldn’t give an answer, I had to look for alternatives. What do I do if I do not know what I want to do? There is not much to choose from.

However, the least stomachache I had at the thought of a “work and travel”. After packing the backpack, saying goodbye to the family, seeing a lot and experiencing adventures, it was back home and you were faced with exactly the same question you asked before the trip: “What do I want to do?”

From zero to application

So I sat down and researched which study or which education most suits me and what I am most interested in. But why decide for one, if you have the opportunity to do both, in the dual study. And I came across the HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration), which offers me exactly that.

At this time I heard of agiles for the first time. Convinced that agiles could be the best opportunity, I sent my application and it didn’t took so long to get the first job interview. After a following second job interview at agiles they confirmed having interest as well. It wasn’t a hard decision for me so I agreed to cooperation. After all the formalities had been clarified, I was finally able to answer the question that had occupied me so long. Relief!

The first day

The day has come, after looking forward to the new chapter of life all the time. The first day and the question “What’s expecting me?” Of course you are nervous but it didn’t took so long to get away. From the beginning on you had a really good feeling on your way to work. Being comfortable, good working atmosphere and having fun at work – I made the right decision! Now it’s time to adjust to the daily routine. Puuhh! Someone’s beat-up after coming home from work …

The Vehicle Logbook is just the beginning …

In the beginning the “Vehicle Logbook” should accompany us every day. It’s our exercise to do our first steps in the world of Navision and to get to know all the functionalities. A never ending story because there are always small changes to make, always new functions to create and always times, dates and mileages that have to be connected so that the Vehicle Logbook makes sense. A good exercise in the beginning, but at some time we reached the point where we wanted to start doing some real customer exercises.

This happened actually quite fast, so these last few days at agiles before university starts, we are only doing customer exercises. But these are quite difficult for us. Especially if you are looking at the exercise before getting it explained.

Most of the time you think “What exactly do I have to do? Where do I have to do modifications? What do I have to consider before, while and after doing modifications?” Many questions we have to get explained. But you notice, the more exercise you do and solve the more experiences you get and the more you get along with Navision and our products. And if you need help, you get help – you just have to ask.

What’s coming next?

In summary we are progressing step by step. Smaller, lighter tasks become more complex and difficult, and yet with each task, it becomes a little easier for us. More experience, more understanding and more security you will get gradually. It’s just fun to face the challenges and at the same time it feels good when the task is completed successfully.

We are now heading to 3 months of university. Pretty sure as exciting as the first two months at agiles. New people, new exercises, new daily routine and sure as hell a lot of input. But we will report, so be curious about it!