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Microsoft Inspire: Insights into new study on Microsoft Partners & Cloud Computing

Microsoft Inspire brings together experts from the Microsoft Partner network from around the world. The annual conference will take place in Las Vegas in 2018 – and its agenda is no less exciting than the vibrant city in which they are located. Until July 19th, networking, the exchange of best practices and know-how, sessions and lectures, product innovations and the Microsoft Roadmap for the coming year are on the program.

Top Topics include development, strategies and best practices in Cloud Computing. According to Dana Willmer, founder of CloudSpeed, Microsoft’s digital transformation partner needs to adapt to the new Cloud world. In his session “Capital Requirements in a Cloud First World” he presents the current CloudSpeed study. For this, the company has 69 Microsoft Partners and puts the focus on capital requirements met.

How do Microsoft partners experience the transition to the Cloud?

Overall, the study participants stated that they are making strong progress in adapting their business models. When asked what business model transition their company is in, most of the group (about 1/3) felt they were roughly in the middle. Almost 1/4 of the participants reported that they had completely adapted their business models. Around 20% have almost completed their Cloud transition.

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As the study shows, the transition to a Cloud business model has financial implications for the Microsoft partners surveyed. According to CloudSpeed, the findings may indicate that capital requirements are often both underestimated and unanticipated.

  • Almost 1/3 of participants reported significant or extreme financial impact.
  • In most cases, the companies with the greatest financial impact were also those whose transition to the Cloud was most advanced.
  • Almost 1/4 of the respondents reported that they rely on “gut feel” alone and did not carry out an analysis of their funding requirements.
  • Despite the overall strong impact, nearly 2/3 of the participants felt they could “ride out” their remaining business model transition by relying on internally generated profits.

What conclusions can Microsoft Partners and other companies draw from the CloudSpeed ​​study?

In many companies, Cloud Computing already plays an important role as part of the digital transformation and the adaptation of their own business model. The transition to the Cloud, however, means more than a change in the IT infrastructure. It requires a sustainable strategy that takes into account all relevant factors, including capital requirements. The challenge of the digital transformation lies not only in the technical implementation, but also in the strategic orientation, taking into account the company-specific resources.

If you would like to read the full study, you can contact CloudSpeed directly. If you have any questions about Cloud Computing in general, we are happy to help you.

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