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New Packaging Act: What changes for manufacturers?

Whether online retail or over the counter: Who sells packaged goods, must also take responsibility for the prevention, reuse and disposal. The previously valid packaging ordinance will be replaced on January 1, 2019 by the new Packaging Act – and brings with it some changes.

The Packaging Act is considered an ecological development of the currently valid packaging ordinance. The aim is to recycle much more waste from private households.

Environmentally friendly packaging is also rewarded by license fees. These are then no longer based on the mass, but on the usability of the packaging. This is intended to create an incentive for companies to circulate recyclable packaging.

The Packaging Act at a glance

  • Just like the Packaging Ordinance, the Packaging Act also applies to all those who place packaging (including filling material) filled with goods and accumulated at the end user. Online retailers are also affected.
  • There are new, higher quotas for the recycling of packaging waste.
  • Anyone bringing packaging onto the market must register in the LUCID packaging register – a new central office that checks whether packaging quantities have been registered for recycling in accordance with the law.
  • The register can be viewed by consumers. The goal is to increase transparency and prevent non-participation.

How agilesTrade supports you

agilesTrade provides a flexible device for the new packaging ordinance, which can grow with each new ordinance. The ERP system enables the assignment of material data to individual billing classes in the return system. Calculations are done by the system depending on the country, take back system, article number and month, business area, sales channel and, if required, also according to customer. Contact us!

Further helpful information on the new Packaging Act can be found on and in the “How-to-Guide” of the “Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister” (both pages are only available in German).

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