How do I want to shape my professional future?


A text by Alina Shalin Gutsell,
Office Management apprentice.

I have been working on it for 12 years – the A-Level. Now I can proudly hold my A-Level certificate in my hands and claim: “I made it!”. But suddenly I was confronted with a completely new challenge: I have my A-Level, but what now? How will my professional future continue? What fits me? What do I enjoy? Many questions like these went through my mind.

Many possibilities – a lot of research

Many doors are open to me, but just that overwhelmed me. During my 12 years at school, graduation was my first priority and pushed aside the question of what to do next. Therefore, I started researching quite early. Now, studying is not an option for me. I want to gain my own experience in professional life. That meant something practical had to be done …!

Since I had really enjoyed my internship as a real estate agent, which I completed a few years ago, I first applied in this direction. But I quickly noticed that my look was solidified, because of the internship, in this one direction and therefore I tried to broaden my search.

I did not want to specialize in just one area, because there are certainly a few other professions that fit me as a person and that I like.

I finally found the job description of the office manager, because the requirements matched my interests and abilities. The tasks were similar to those of a real estate clerk, but my possibilities are greater after my apprenticeship, so I am not limited to the real estate sector.

The application process

During the search, I came across agiles. Since my first impression of the company’s website was very positive, I started to create my application.

Soon I got an invitation to a selection procedure. This started with a written test in which my knowledge of the company and other areas such as English, German, math and general knowledge was tested. Also questions about me and my person were asked. Afterwards I had a personal conversation with the management. My feelings after this day were mixed, but I quickly received another invitation for a second interview and the acceptance for the apprenticeship. Joy and relief came up.

The first day at agiles

The excitement is great – the first day is imminent. Again, many things went through my mind, because a new phase of life began. Everything was completely new for me, but I felt well. The friendly welcome from us students, interns and apprentices contributed to this. At the common lunch, the excitement and tension was solved.

The time of acclimatization

The first time served to get to know each other. To get to know the company, the colleagues, the workplace and to get to know the workflow in general. It was quite a change for someone who just went to school. However, I settled in very quickly.

One reason for this was, for example, that in the first few weeks we had appointments with other colleagues from time to time, where we heard a lot of new things about the company. This was done in such a way that they introduced themselves to us and explained their working area. Afterwards, there was usually a small round of introductions, in which we could also tell a little about ourselves and our expectations.

After we had all introduced ourselves, we have been told what agiles is specialized in, which tasks, products, programs and areas there are. At the beginning, this helped me to understand the complex fields of activities of the company. We often talked about the same topic, but always from different perspectives and that was very helpful. It also helped us get to know our colleagues better.

Growing responsibility

My daily routine at the beginning consisted mainly of smaller tasks, watching, and listening to my trainer. But as the days went by, more and more responsible tasks were added and I am curious what will await me in the future!