Stop the data chaos – How to get more overview

Data are valuable resources. As an instrument for measuring success and the basis for process optimization, they have become indispensable for success in the fresh trade. But the multitude of sources of information presents many companies with challenges.

New possibilities in data management

Digital transformation means that companies face complex processes of change, some of which are faster and others slower to arrive and implement. The requirements and strategies vary from industry to industry. However, there are a number of topics that all deal with: among this is big data as key technology.

Although data is increasingly being collected today, it is not always used purposefully. Exactly that is the big challenge, to be able to answer questions like “What data do I have?”, “What information do I lack?”, “How can I evaluate data?” Or, more specifically, in the fresh trade: “How many kg of a product were delivered to which debtors last month? “and” What was my spoiling rate?”

Impact on the fresh trade

In the fruit and vegetable trade, data is important for the whole process of the supply chain. One of the reasons for this is that the trend towards greater transparency in the supply chains has arrived. Companies that depend on food retailers are faced with the task of adjusting their processes.

But independently of this, it is clear that more efficient processes and a complete view of one’s own numbers determine the future viability. The speed of action of customers also increases in the fresh industry and requires quick reactions.

Master the data chaos

Many companies lack the right software to link data (often found in obsolete systems or spreadsheets), measure success, and make decisions at short notice.

For extensive and, above all, company-specific evaluations, we recommend Microsoft Power BI. We now offer this Business Intelligence (BI) solution as a supplement to agilesFood, our industry solution for the fruit and vegetable trade. The latest ERP system from Microsoft is Dynamics 365 Business Central. It enables seamless data connectivity between Power BI and industry solutions – on premise or in the cloud.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI helps users access and consolidate data sources, and visualize and evaluate them with easy-to-use tools. This is also a good option for operators of web shops, for example, to link data. Once the information is in the system, it is easy to create your own dashboards or reports and adjust them.

The BI solution meets the growing need to be faster and more transparent. Evaluations are less static today than they were a few years ago, making users more independent. This helps to enable customers to be more flexible and grow with their tasks and challenges.

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