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FAQ: Can supplier relationships be evaluated with agilesFood?

Which supplier delivered which products in which quality? And how has the product quality of a supplier developed? Being able to answer these questions trouble-free and transparently is very important for many companies in the fruit and vegetable trade.

agilesFood offers a Quality Management feature, which is suitable for the evaluation of both products and supplier relationships. To use this function, users define individual criteria in the first step. These can refer to products or product groups – and include features such as ripeness, shape, color, texture or freshness.

Qualitätsmanagement agiles

Furthermore, additional attributes related to suppliers can be determined individually. For example, if you would like to know which supplier responded to a request or delivered goods very quickly, you can also set up fields for supplier evaluation.

Filters & Templates

On the one hand, this gives you the advantage of being able to view all important quality data transparently and in a prominent place. On the other hand, the knowledge gained can be used as a basis for negotiation or decision-making for future supply relationships.

The relevant analyzes that have been created for a supplier, a lot or an article, are easily visible at all times. Likewise, analyzes that have been carried out for a given period by an individual supplier can be filtered easily. Also the evaluation of product developments of certain suppliers over a time axis is possible. You can use individual templates and predefined characteristics to generate evaluations for new lots directly, without having to manually create criteria again.

All in all, these functions offer you comprehensive options for evaluating supplier relationships. Especially for companies that often work with Excel spreadsheets, the function provides very good opportunities to save time and money through a better overview.

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